Molly McNamee - MFit Training Area | 25 Days of MFit
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#25DaysofMFit Challenge

If you are coming from the MFit YouTube channel, welcome! The #25DaysofMFit is my favorite workout challenge every year, and this year I’ve made it 10x crazier.

From December 1 – December 25, I will be posting daily workouts on the MFit YouTube channel. These workouts are all under 15-minutes and extremely challenging. Some of you may be happy with a 15-minute daily workout, but some of you may want more.

If you want a BONUS 15-minute workout, join the MFit Membership today. In addition to the YouTube workout, I am posting another amazing workout on the MFit Membership.

(That is 50 new workout videos in the month of December!)

Why become an MFit Member?

The MFit Membership is an incredibly affordable way to workout from home. This is essentially a virtual gym membership… but you get far more than any chain gym will offer you. Consider me your on demand trainer. You can access me any time of day from anywhere around the world. All of the MFit workouts can be done at home or taken with you to the gym. My workouts require very little equipment and typically last between 20 minutes and 1 hour. But during the #25DaysofMFit, the daily workout will include two 15-minute videos. You will find a variety of workouts at different difficulty levels. The MFit Membership is also about community. You will be connected with a group of wonderful humans from all around the world. This gives you the option to chat with like minded people or at the very least find comfort in the fact that you are not alone in your fitness journey. If you want to get in shape, stay in shape and live a healthier life, there is nothing better than the MFit Membership. Plus it’s only five dollars a month! And the first week is FREE… Sign up today and see what you think!

What are people saying about the MFit Membership?

“I am so glad I finally joined the MFit membership! My preference is to workout at home since my schedule only allows me to workout for 1-hour immediately after work. I used to waste so much time browsing YouTube for a good workout video. I love how I don’t have to waste anymore time each day looking for a workout; all I need to do is just follow [the MFit Membership] scheduled daily workout. The workouts are always the best. They are super hard, but completely doable. At the end of my workout session, I always feel a sense of accomplishment because I was able to get through such a hard workout! I love the weekly live workout! Love the affordability of your program. The thing I love the most is Molly’s enthusiasm and personality. Since working out with Molly, I feel so much stronger than I ever was.” – Sarah