Molly McNamee - MFit Training Area | 4-Week Peach Plan
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Do you want a bigger butt? Do you want to enhance your curves? Do you struggle to feel your hamstrings and glutes during your leg workouts? Do you suffer from knee and lower back pain? Do you prefer to workout at home instead of buying an expensive gym membership? If you answered yes to any of those questions, the MFit Peach Plan is for you.

The Peach Plan is a 4-week workout program that will help you build and shape your booty. This entire program can be done at home! Recommended equipment: mini resistance bands and a set of dumbbells. The program is $25 or free for MFit Members. Sign up below!

Try It First: Peach Plan Activation Routine Preview

Why buy the peach plan?

If you struggle to feel your butt during common leg exercises, like squats, you must try this program. I personally have always struggled with engaging my glutes during leg workouts. I am quad dominant, which means I feel my quads and my knees in almost every exercise. All that changed when I switched my way of training. The Peach Plan follows this full-proof way of muscle building. The workouts will break down how to build muscle properly. If booty building is your goal, this program will work. Each workout begins with a rigorous activation routine. This routine will fire up your glutes and hamstrings as well as relax your hips and quads. After completing your 15-20 minutes of activation, you will move on to your resistance training and trust me, you will feel your booty in those workouts.

What is included?

The Peach Plan comes with 13 exclusive workout videos and a complete 4 week training schedule. The 13 videos include: 4 resistance training workouts, 4 HIIT & Burn workouts (resistance training blended with cardio), 3 activation routines, 1 deep stretch routine, and 1 bonus core workout.

How do I sign up?

You can purchase the Peach Plan by clicking Buy Now above. It is a one time payment of $25 to receive the 4-week plan. Payment is processed through PayPal. However, if you are a MFit Member or choose to sign up for the MFit Membership, the Peach Plan is FREE. MFit Membership costs $5 a month and comes with daily workouts, live classes, diet planning, a complete exercise library and access to all future 4-week workout plans. The MFit Membership pairs perfectly with the Peach Plan and will help you achieve your goals even quicker. You can sign up for MFit Membership above as well.

What are people saying about the Peach Plan?

“The MFit Peach Plan is done! These 4 weeks were challenging and rewarding! At first, when I saw that the Peachworkouts are over an hour long, I was frightened… I usually workout for 50 minutes or less, but that hour was filled with sweet sweet butt burn and lots of interesting exercises that leave you with jello legs! Anyone who wants to lift their butt and learn how to activate the right muscles, Molly is your girl.” – Ana

“I just finished the MFit Peach plan! I definitely feel more lifted, toned, and “peachier”! I did it all at home with fairly light weights. I was dripping in sweat by the end of each workout, which goes to show that you don’t need crazy gym equipment to get results. Thanks for the amazing program, Molly!” – Saige