Molly McNamee - MFit Training Area | 4-Week Slim Down
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Are you struggling to lose weight? Maybe you are stuck in a weight loss plateau or are at the very start of you weight loss journey. Perhaps you don’t know how to structure a workout program to help you lose body fat. You’ve lost the motivation and drive to workout. Or you hate going to the gym. Whichever category you fall into, the 4-week slim down is perfect for you.

The Slim Down is a 4-week workout program that will help you lose body fat and build lean muscle. This entire program can be done at home! Recommended equipment: mini resistance bands and a set of dumbbells. The program is $25 or free for MFit Members. Sign up below!

Why buy the slim down?

This 4-week program comes equipped with daily workouts that will help you drop pounds and lose body fat. These workouts require minimal equipment, so they can easily be done at home. Each workout is challenging but there is a modification box in each video to allow you to adjust the exercises as you need. This workout program can help all walks of life. Whether this is your first attempt to lose weight or your fiftieth, the 4-Week Slim Down will make this weight loss stick.

What is included?

The Slim Down comes with 11 exclusive workout videos and a complete 4-week training schedule. The 11 videos include: 3 steady state cardio routines, 2 HIIT & Burn workouts (resistance training blended with cardio), 2 Bootcamp Flow workouts (fast-paced resistance training), 2 short HIIT workouts, 1 deep stretch routine, and 1 bonus core workout.

How do I sign up?

You can purchase the Slim Down by clicking Buy Now above. It is a one-time payment of $25 to receive the 4-week plan. Payment is processed through PayPal. However, if you are a MFit Member or choose to sign up for the MFit Membership, the Slim Down is FREE. MFit Membership costs $5 a month and comes with daily workouts, live classes, diet planning, a complete exercise library and access to all current and future 4-week workout plans. The MFit Membership pairs perfectly with the Slim Down and will help you achieve your goals even quicker. You can sign up for MFit Membership above as well.

What are people saying about the Slim Down?

I really like the 4-week slim down!  I’m a cardio girl, so I like having to do steady state cardio and HIIT almost daily.  I tend to focus on calorie burn during my workouts and like to burn around 300 calories each workout. When I did last weeks upper body video followed by the 30 minute steady state cardio, I burned 455 calories and never felt like I was killing myself.  I’ve exceeded my daily calorie burn goal and am down a few pounds too!

– Michelle

The 4-Week Slim Down was the best decision I’ve made for my health. I have better endurance, lean muscle definition that makes me stronger inside and out, and I was able to lose some overall body fat! I actually look forward to working out every day, that is how fun Molly’s videos are, not to mention blissfully challenging! I’m stronger, happier and more fit than I’ve been in my life.
– Virginia