Molly McNamee - MFit Training Area | 8-Week Beginners Program
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Are you new to exercise? Did you recently have a baby and feel ready to ease back into working out? Perhaps you’re getting over an illness or injury and haven’t hit the gym for a while. Or maybe you’ve been working out regularly but need a refresher on form and how to structure a workout. Whichever category you fall into, the 8-week Beginners Program is perfect for you.

The Beginners Program is an 8-week workout guide that will help you lose body fat and build lean muscle. This entire program can be done at home! Recommended equipment: mini resistance bands and a set of dumbbells. The program is $200. Sign up below!

Why buy the beginners program?

This 8-week program comes equipped with daily workouts that will help you build muscle and lose body fat. These workouts require minimal equipment, so they can easily be done at home. I will walk you through every workout, so that you feel confident doing each exercise properly. The workouts are low impact and include a modification box if you wish to make an exercise easier or more challenging. This is a unique Beginners Program because the workouts will become more challenging as you progress and get stronger throughout the 8-week period. Although it is labeled as a beginner’s program, I believe it would be helpful to individuals of all fitness levels.

What is included?

The Beginners Program comes with 21 exclusive workout videos, 3 bonus videos breaking down key elements of working out, and a detailed 8-week training schedule. The 21 videos include resistance training workouts for all areas of the body, core workouts, cardio workouts and stretching routines.

How do I sign up?

You can purchase the Beginners Program by clicking Buy Now above. It is a one-time payment of $200 to receive the 8-week plan. Payment is processed through PayPal.

What are people saying about the Beginners Program?

Molly’s beginners program was exactly what I needed. I was 3 months postpartum and wanted to get in shape for my upcoming wedding. The workouts were quick and effective so I could easily do them during baby’s nap time. Whether you are brand new to working out or wanting to jump back into it, this program is for you. I would recommend to anyone! Thank you, Molly!!

– Sarah

I really enjoyed the Beginners workout program because of how simple and clear it was to follow the instructions. I wanted to make sure I was completing each exercise correctly and that helped. The program kept my interest because of the variety of exercises. Each days workout didn’t take too much time to complete.  Even though it’s a beginners program, it still pushed me. I’d highly recommend the program!

– Paul