Molly McNamee - MFit Training Area | Build A Booty Program
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Welcome to the 8-Week Build A Booty Program

This program comes with: an exercise library including 80 + exercises, 5 exclusive workout videos, 6 exclusive leg workouts, and a complete workout schedule instructing you exactly what to do everyday for the next 8 weeks.

You will find everything you need for the next 8 weeks on this page. Please do not share the password. You paid for all of this exclusive content, so let’s keep it exclusive.

Before starting your program please watch the How To Use This Program video. This video will explain how to follow the daily plan, how at-home training will differ from gym training, what to do during your steady state cardio sessions, what you should be eating over the next 8 weeks, and so much more…

How To Use This Program
Don’t forget to print out these nutrition worksheets!

Grocery List — Take this list with you to the grocery store as a reference for healthy food choices

5 Habits Cheat Sheet — Ask yourself these questions before diving into your next meal

Simplified Carb Chart — A guide on which carbs you should eat and when the best time is to eat them

Workout Schedule: Click the attachments to see your complete schedule for each week.